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We are a technical, professional, and social organization dedicated to helping Bruins thrive in all aspects of their college experience.

About Us

Mission Statement

ASME at UCLA challenges students to set new standards in the field of mechanical engineering in all scopes — from individual development, to the Samueli Engineering community, to UCLA, to the rest of the world.


Our purpose is to provide resources for students to build strong technical, professional, and social foundations in order to become contributors to the global community.


ASME at UCLA was created in 2015, and since then we have been providing events and resources that are easily available to students at UCLA. We believe that each of the branches - technical, professional, and social - are all equally important an engineering student's development, and that achieving balance between them gives our members the upper hand within the industry.

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ASME at UCLA fosters collaboration between students of all disciplines. Offering 5 technical projects including FADE, COMBAT, FLAGSHIP, X1, and BUR, our variety of projects allows every member to contribute, regardless of experience! Learn more about each project here!!

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ASME frequently hosts events for professional development, such as resume interview workshops, company tours, and more. Every fall, we collaboratively host the MAE Career Fair, an event aimed at helping our members land jobs and internships at high profile companies.

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We place great emphasis on fostering a strong and supportive community of engineers within ASME- engineers who can support each other beyond the academic scope. Feel free to join us at our socials, which include dorm dinners, beach bonfires, KBBQ runs, game nights, and more!

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Giving back to the community is an integral part of our organization- not only to the community at UCLA, but also to K-12 students in LA County. We teach classes and host hands-on workshops to encourage students to explore opportunities the STEM field.

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