About ASME at UCLA

The UCLA ASME student chapter is a technical, professional, and social organization dedicated to fostering engineering skills, professional development, and connecting students. We are a part of the global American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The UCLA charter expands on the ideas put forth by our mother organization by providing events and resources that are aimed to college students and are easily available to students at UCLA. We believe that each of the branches, detailed below, are equally important to an engineering student's development and that achieving balance between them gives our members the upper hand within the industry.


Lab Information | BOELTER 2730C

Our lab is located in the Boelter Hall Students Activities Center. To find us, go to the Boelter Hall Courtyard located on the second floor of Boelter Hall. Our room number is 2730C, and our door will have our logo on it.

Notice: Due to COVID-19, there is restricted access to our campus lab. Please contact our lab manager, Alyssa Yu at labmanager.asmebruins@gmail.com if you need to access the laboratory for any reason.


ASME White Elephant Gift Exchange | 2019