Mission Statement

ASME at UCLA challenges students to set new standards in the field of mechanical engineering, in all scopes--from individual development, to the Samueli Engineering community, to UCLA, to the rest of the world. Our purpose is to provide resources for students to build strong technical, professional, and social foundations in order to become contributors to the global community.

About ASME

ASME is a not-for-profit membership organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines, toward a goal of helping the global engineering community develop solutions to benefit lives and livelihoods. Founded in 1880 by a small group of leading industrialists, ASME has grown through the decades to include more than 130,000 members in 151 countries. Thirty-two thousand of these members are students.


From college students and early-career engineers to project managers, corporate executives, researchers and academic leaders, ASME’s members are as diverse as the engineering community itself. ASME serves this wide-ranging technical community through quality programs in continuing education, training and professional development, codes and standards, research, conferences and publications, government relations and other forms of outreach.

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About ASME at UCLA

The UCLA ASME student chapter is a technical, professional, and social organization dedicated to fostering engineering skills, professional development, and connecting students.

The UCLA charter expands on the ideas put forth by our mother organization by providing events and resources that are aimed to college students and are easily available to students at UCLA. We believe that each of the branches, detailed below, are equally important to an engineering student's development and that achieving balance between them gives our members the upper hand within the industry.



Our technical branch features 4 different programs that span all difficulty levels, allowing students of any background to participate.


First, our FADE Training Program is designed for beginners or those who would like to hone their technical skills. The FADE program is divided into three parts. The first teaches students the fundamentals of computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D printing. The second teaches manufacturing using machine shop equipment such as the mill, lathe, or drill press. The third teaches basic electronic assembly and soldering. Learn more about the FADE program here!


Our second technical program is the Combat Robotics program. This program revolves around designing and manufacturing combat robots to compete in competition. It is open to students with both beginner and intermediate levels of experience. Beginners will be given guidance and support throughout the build of their 3 lb. combat robot, while returning members may join the flagship team, which has more freedom and a larger budget. Learn more about Combat Robotics here!

Our third technical program is X1, an interdisciplinary, systems engineering project branch. X1 requires participants from MAE, EE, and CS backgrounds but also accepts students from other related fields. The participants of X1 all collaborate at the beginning of the year to first decide what they want to make and then proceed to bringing their ideas to life. Learn more about X1 here!


Our fourth and most recently added technical program is Bruin Underwater Robotics. Otherwise known as BUR, this is a competition-driven program aiming to design and build robots capable of performing underwater tasks, with relevance to fields such as marine biology and deep sea exploration. Members of BUR rely on several engineering disciplines and creative problem solving in order to face the unique challenges presented by an aquatic environment. Learn more about Bruin Underwater Robotics here!


ASME at UCLA also provides students with the resources to become more competitive candidates for the workforce through our professional development branch. Events include resume/interview workshops, tours, infosessions, and career fairs and are hosted by experienced officers, club alumni, and company representatives. Visit the events calendar often and join our newsletter to stay updated on these crucial events!


Finally, ASME at UCLA is a social organization that fosters friendship and camaraderie between engineering students through various social events. Past events have included boba runs, game nights, Korean BBQ outings, and gift exhanges! Visit the events calendar often and join our newsletter to stay updated on these unforgettable events!


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