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FADE  - Fabrication And Design Essentials   [beginner] 

Designed for beginners or for anyone who would like to refine their holistic technical skills, FADE is divided into three parts:

1) Fundamentals of computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D printing,

2) Manufacturing in the makerspace & machine shop, and

3) Basic Arduino and electronics skills.

COMBAT - Lightweight Combat Robotics   [beginner to intermediate]

Our lightweight-level combat robotics team revolving around designing and manufacturing combat robots and at the end of the year competing in our annual UCLA beetleweight competition - Socal Smackdown. Students are supported throughout the entire build of their very own 3lb. combat robot. 

FLAGSHIP - Heavyweight Combat Robotics   [intermediate to advanced]

Our heavyweight-level combat robotics team which builds 2 robots a year, ranging a number of weight classes including: 12lb, 15lb, 30lb and more! An interdisciplinary project welcoming engineers from MAE, EE, CS, & other related backgrounds.

X1 - Multiplicinary Robotics   [intermediate to advanced]

A freeform and collaborative interdisciplinary engineering project, the team decides on a student-ideated project at the beginning of each year and bring our ideas to life through 2 year design cycles! Welcoming engineers from MAE, EE, CS, & other related backgrounds.

BUR - Bruin Underwater Robotics   [intermediate to advanced]

A competition-driven program where members build robots capable of performing underwater tasks, with relevance to fields such as marine biology and deep sea exploration. More specifically, BUR builds towards the annual MATE ROV competition. An interdisciplinary project welcoming engineers from MAE, EE, CS, & other related backgrounds.


ASME at UCLA also provides students with the resources to become more competitive candidates for the workforce through our professional development branch. Events include resume/interview workshops, tours, infosessions, and career fairs and are hosted by experienced officers, club alumni, and company representatives. Visit the events calendar often and join our newsletter to stay updated on these crucial events!


Through our newest addition to the professional branch of ASME at UCLA, we strive to provide Los Angeles County’s K-12 students with the tools to further explore STEM fields! We hope to share some of our enthusiasm about engineering so that students have the confidence to pursue a career in STEM if they choose to. We teach classes on Computer-Aided Design and Finite Element Analysis, and run hands-on workshops in which students undergo the engineering design process.


Finally, ASME at UCLA is a social organization that fosters friendship and camaraderie between engineering students through various social events. Past events have included boba runs, game nights, Korean BBQ outings, and gift exchanges! Visit the events calendar often and join our newsletter to stay updated on these unforgettable events!

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