How to Join

ASME at UCLA does not keep track of our membership! As such, there is no official joining process for our club, but most members find that the best way to become involved is by joining and participating in a technical project! Below are our technical officers' email addresses that you can contact if you'd like to ask about joining, or you can visit the full list of our officer emails here.

John Tabakian

Technical Vice President

Email John

Vishal Kackar & Zak Rubio

FADE Co-Leads

Email Vishal & Zak

Erin Hall & Joe Shen

Combat Robotics Co-Leads

Email Erin & Joe

Kenneth Vuong & Rebecca Celsi

X1 Robotics Co-Leads

Email Kenneth & Rebecca

Ethan Brandt & Ethan Cai

Bruin Underwater Robotics Co-Leads

Email Ethan & Ethan

Please feel free to reach out and ask about joining a technical team, at any point during the year! We have a lot to accomplish every year, so we are constantly accepting new members to help out with our various projects.

We also recommend you take a few steps so that you are more aware of our social and professional events, helping to increase your involvement with our other non-technical activities. A great way to start is to subscribe to our email newsletter, which we send out weekly with information about our upcoming events, how to attend, etc. Along a similar vein, we recommend following our Facebook page and our Instagram which we update regularly with upcoming events. We also have a summary of past and upcoming events included on our events calendar for a simplified overview of our activities.

If you are thinking about joining next year be sure to get ahead by attending our Fall General Meeting, which is our big informational meeting that takes place near the beginning of the school year. The Fall GM is a great place to get preliminary information about the different parts of our club and how you can get involved with each one.

Thank you for your interest in joining ASME! We hope to see you soon!