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Community outreach

About Outreach

Mission Statement:

ASME at UCLA strives to provide Los Angeles County’s K-12 students with the tools to further explore STEM fields! We hope to share some of our enthusiasm about engineering so that students have the confidence to pursue a career in STEM if they choose to. We teach classes on Computer-Aided Design and Finite Element Analysis, and run hands-on workshops in which students undergo the engineering design process.

Outreach is our newest branch - we welcome you to join us as we expand this side of ASME at UCLA!


ASME’s outreach committee is led by Samantha Tinney, our Outreach Director. If you have any questions or would like to reach out, please email us at!


Samantha Tinney

Outreach Director

Committee Members

Samantha Tinney (2nd Year Meche) —
Katherine Chou (1st Year Meche)
Morganne Malloy (1st Year Meche)

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