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COVID-19 Information

As the school year continues, COVID-19 still remains a high risk for everyone. Here is how ASME at UCLA is utilizing an online format of our club to ensure the safety of our members and of the general population:



While our technical projects will have to be adapted to an online version, we will still bring you the technical skills and experience that you are looking for. F.A.D.E. will continue as normal, just online through zoom lectures. Combat Robotics, X1 Robotics, and Bruin Underwater Robotics will all be moved online as well. Similar to if it was in person, design will be happening throughout fall quarter; the only difference is all team meetings will be done virtually and the CADs will be shared over GrabCad. We have plans to give you hands-on experience whether or not we get a chance to return to the labs in person.




While in-person events will be postponed until further notice, we will continue to have numerous socials where members can take a break from studying and create meaningful connections that can last forever. Our online socials will take the form of board game and video game nights, interactive cooking tutorials, movie or tv show watch parties, online secret santas, and more. If you have ideas of socials you want to see happen, submit your suggestions here! In between our official socials, we encourage everyone to join our discord here where you can find people to play competitive video games such as League or Valorant, or you can even join our ASME Minecraft server. Other voice channels are available for casual calls and study sessions with your friends too!


If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on making those essential and personal connections with others in your year, or even different years, join our new mentorship program here where you can be a mentor/mentee to learn more technical skills, professional skills, or just have that close relationship to help you through your year.




This year, the professional side of ASME will be completely moved to online. Our MAE Career Fair will be set up virtually using a special virtual event platform made to transfer the experience seamlessly online. Other events such as company info sessions and workshops will be moved to Zoom along with the alumni panel and other in-house workshops. To stay updated with our professional events, sign up for our newsletter below and follow us on Instagram and/or LinkedIn. Out events will also be posted on our Facebook page.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to reach out to the appropriate ASME officer, DM us on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at!


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