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Founded in 2015, X1 Robotics is one of UCLA engineering's student-led project teams with the mission of developing real world engineering and problem solving skills through the development of challenging robotic systems. What sets us apart is our passion and creativity; every year marks the start of a new project decided upon by the diverse team of student engineers, and a new cycle of research, development, and iteration. X1 is proud of the collaborative work environment it fosters and will continue to excel in the field of robotics as it attempts complex, challenging projects pushing UCLA students to their limits.


In past years, members of X1 worked on variations of quadcopters that are elevated in engineering difficulty. For example, X1 members worked on a magnetic levitation quadcopter that utilized Halbach rotors to generate lift and propulsion required to dynamically move the quadcopter.

To learn more about this exciting program and our past year's project, click the button below, or contact our current X1 Robotics Project Leads, Kenneth Vuong and Rebecca Celsi at asme.x1@seas.ucla.edu

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We are transitioning our club operations to an online format for the 2020-2021 academic year due to COVID-19. Click here to learn more.